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100% Attendance Incentive

100% Attendance Incentive
by Mr I Thompson - Monday, 2 July 2018, 3:50 PM

Hold on, folks! Due to an administrative error and after realising that one pupil should have been marked in for her afternoon session on a day she was marked absent, I’m pleased to say that 10DV actually got the prize!!! Well done!

So, that's £144 to them and everyone starts back at £24 for the last three weeks.

It also means that the noble, valiant, surefooted, steady, (Get on with it. Ed) tortoise that is 7NL now cannot catch and pass 11HG, who can now retire as overall winners, secure in the knowledge that Domino's will be happy to serve them their choice of prize, unless it's a 166" oven-buster with all of the toppings on twice and truckload of Pepsi Max...

The corrected table for this week is:

Tutor group Percentage attendance for previous week, (to 29 June 2018) Money saved to date
10DV 100.00% £144
9BL 98.62%  
8DV 98.42%  
10BL 97.83%  
8BL 97.81%  
9HG 97.78%  
9CR 96.67%  
7CR 96.55%  
10CR 95.93%  
8FD 95.81%  
7FD 95.60% £24
8CR 95.60%  
7NL 94.48% £168
8HG 94.17%  
7HG 94.00%  
7DV 93.67%  
10FD 92.50% £24
9DV 90.77%  
7BL 86.92%  
10HG 83.64%  
11BL/Rv2/Rv3 0.00% £96
11CR 0.00%  
11DV 0.00% £24
11HG 0.00% £360
11Rv1 0.00%