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100% Attendance Incentive

100% Attendance Incentive
by Mr I Thompson - Friday, 15 June 2018, 3:34 PM


Well, Y11 bow out with a fair effort, given they basically had three big exam days this week that involved all of them - there are a few next week, but only for a small number of students. It took a while for me to untangle the people who actually earned the money, but it turns out that there were 49 who contributed to one or more of the SIX prizes won by Y11 tutor groups. Well done, good luck, and if you're not involved in any more exams I'll see you on results day in August!

Special mention this week to Y10 - all bar one tutor group improved attendance, and three by between 5 and 7%, a feat only matched by 7HG and 8HG from the rest of the school.

However, no-one won so it's a roll-over again - £120 next time!


Tutor   group Percentage attendance for   previous week, (to 15 June 2018) Money saved to date
8BL 98.13%  
7HG 97.69%  
9BL 97.14%  
8HG 97.08%  
7FD 96.15% £24
8FD 96.00%  
10BL 95.83%  
10CR 95.56%  
10DV 95.42%  
7NL 95.17% £168
7DV 95.00%  
10FD 94.58% £24
9HG 94.07%  
9CR 93.70%  
9DV 92.96%  
7CR 91.03%  
8CR 90.80%  
10HG 89.00%  
7BL 87.41%  
8DV 84.29%  
11Rv1 67.08%  
11DV 64.67% £24
11BL/Rv2/Rv3 60.00% £96
11CR 58.75%  
11HG 57.27% £360