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Newcastle college 'Aviation Academy' taster day - March 2014

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Newcastle college 'Aviation Academy' taster day - March 2014
by Mrs K Wall - Tuesday, 25 March 2014, 4:13 PM

17 of our year 10 Engineering students visited the academy for a morning taster session where we learnt about:

  • FE courses - level 2 and 3
  • HE Degree courses
  • Possible job prospects
  • Wages

Pupils were split into four groups and given a topic to investigate once we reached the hanger.

We were taken to the hanger where you could see the aeroplanes and engines, the teams asked many questions and looked around the hanger....

After visiting the hanger teams returned to the classroom where they fed back results and a Q & A session took place.

After the Q & A session we went outside to visit the live aircraft which students work on...

The visit was extremely interesting and informative....

Students Quotes from the day:

"It was mint, I would go again without being asked as it was a huge experience for me and I'd love to do it again, no questions asked!"

"I enjoyed how we were able to enter the planes and look around so you could find out how they worked"

"I would thoroughly enjoy taking part in the aviation academy's courses in engineering because it would help me acheive something I want to do and have fun at the same time"

"I have now decided that I want to apply there"